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Welcome to the SHOP INDIA online store!

Here you will find a variety of natural, herbal and Ayurvedic products for daily use for all your family- hair care, skin care, face care, natural supplements, organic foods, and products for children that are good and feasible.

Bringing together effective ancient remedies for a fast, demanding modern lifestyle, SHOP INDIA presents to you this assortment of goods!

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Last Viewed


All products are 100% vegetarian, do not contain animal fat, and also do not contain eggs.


All products are GMO Free. Made only with naturally present plants and herbs. Cows are fed organic grass, and tended with love and care.


Soil for growing crops and plants is fertilized organically, using cow dung and compost made of leftover plant remains. Ayurvedic remedies are used in the preparation of all products. A blend of powerful, natural herbs make for herbal and effective compositions.


Products are not tested on animals. Cows that are used for their milk and cow dung, are tended with love and care, and fed organic grass.


Sustainably sourcing includes traditional farming practices, protecting, cleaning and working alongside the ecosystem. Providing economic and social benefits to farmers, employees and surrounding communities.

Featured Products

Organic Herbs
Herbal Body Scrub Ubtan
7.15 USD
Organic Ayurvedic
Almond Oil 100% Pure
7.95 USD
Organic Ayurvedic
Natural Rose Water
4.95 USD
Organic Ayurvedic
Organic Ghee
9.99 USD
Organic Herbs
19.75 USD

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